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Relax to the maximum with the package of RELAXATION body massage sessions in MG Road Gurgaon! Enjoy a professional massage performed by specialized staff with experience in the field.

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic, pressure massage, especially working on the muscles, provides an excellent feeling of lightness by relieving tension in the muscles and removing the toxin. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins from the back of the massage.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Balinese Massage

It is a kind of soft massage performed by one or more therapists. Balinese massage, which is spreading rapidly especially in America and Europe, rests the soul and body equally.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Thai Massage

The basic structure of Thai massage, which is widely practiced especially in Thailand, is Indian Yoga and traditional medicine of China. It includes printing and stretching movements. Dressed in a comfortable dress and maintained on a semi-hard floor. It is a therapeutic massage that regulates circulation in the body, increases lymph drainage, relieves stiffness and tension, acts on the nervous system, evokes a sense of relaxation and relaxation.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Asian Blend Massage

Based on Tulipa Spa's unique massage techniques, this therapeutic printed massage provides a perfect feeling of lightness by relieving tension in the muscles and removing toxins. This whole body massage is applied to the related reflex areas and nerve endings of the feet and energy flow is provided to relieve fatigue. This massage, which consists of Asian massage techniques, renews your energy and power with its refreshing and energizing effect.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Stress Relief Hot Stone Massage

It is applied by rubbing hot volcanic stones by placing them on certain parts of the body. This therapy, which uses essential oils, is good for stress and back pain. Provides positive energy flow.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Hot Oil or Candle Massage

Hot wax therapy is the gift of traditional medicine to the long life energy. Restores, heals and relieves stress. Contains Soy, Vitamin E, Omega 3 & 6

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Hot Chocolate Massage

Imagine the irresistible and soothing feeling of hot chocolate that surrounds your entire body. This is the secret of massage designed to relieve stress and fatigue. The chocolate formula used in this unique massage stimulates endorphin, which is known as the happiness hormone, to give you a special blend of relaxation and motivation.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Shiatsu Massage

It is based in China, but developed in Japan, is a treatment method of the Japanese Ministry of Health. It is a massage therapy made with fingers, which is used in the treatment of acupuncture points of the body and that can be used in the protection of health and treatment of certain diseases. Strengthens the immune system and regulates the flow of energy.

Duration: 50 - 80 Minutes

Thai Blend Massage

The Thai Blend Massage, which is widely used in Thailand, covers mostly stretching movements and then provides aromatic and physical serenity by using aromatic oils. It has a therapeutic feature that regulates the circulation in the body, acts on the nervous system and evokes a sense of relaxation and relaxation.

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  2. Nice Post. Massage helps to relax body and soul. Looking for ayurvedic body massage centre in coimbatore . Contact Us.

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